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Increase sales, optimize inventory and automate processes with AI support.

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What do we offer?

Pragmatic use of AI

AI and ML models are tailored to the specific and real needs of your business.

Adaptable and flexible system

As a user, you adapt the system to your processes and requirements, not the other way around.

Expert approach at every stage

Support from experienced consultants will help you make key decisions.

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We effectively address the challenges of various industries


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Our solutions

What benefits will you gain?


Occubee provides short-term sales forecasts, determines store demands and automatically generates picking orders.

  • use your full sales potential
  • avoid out-of-stocks and overstocks
  • speed up the allocation of goods

Demand Management

Occubee provides long-term demand forecasts, determines warehouse requirements and generates orders for suppliers and/or production orders.

  • optimize warehouse inventories
  • free up your allocated capital
  • maintain preferred margin

Optimize key areas of your business with Occubee

Assortment management

Make sure the right products are available.

Sales and demand forecasting

Predict more effectively with AI and ML support.

Automation of business processes

Increase productivity and speed.

Supply chain management

Effectively plan the flow of resources and goods.

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Cooperation with us

What can you expect?

Our team is committed to long-term cooperation and partnership.

Purchase process

Support in the selection of solutions

Our consultants analyze your needs and requirements and indicate how to address them through Occubee. All to improve your business where possible.

Where to begin?
Implementation and use of the system

Professional care and regular contact

The Customer Impact team provides comprehensive support during the implementation and daily use of the platform. They take care of your positive experience at every stage of working with Occubee.

Support for you

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