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3Soft and Occubee are now separate companies 

On February 1st, 2024, Occubee gained legal personality and became a separate company.

The Katowice-based technology company 3Soft, which specialises in data management, process automation and AI solutions, for the past 5 years has been developing a SaaS product targeted at the retail industry – the Occubee platform. On February 1st, 2024, Occubee gained legal personality and became a separate company.

The decision was taken by unanimous vote at 3Soft’s Extraordinary General Meeting Of Shareholders. As a result, both companies will be able to focus on implementing adopted business objectives and independent strategies, which will have a positive impact on the acceleration of 3Soft’s growth and Occubee’s market expansion. 

The division will enable us to develop both businesses within their unique specialisations. This will allow us to maintain clarity in all formal matters and streamline numerous internal and external processes. As organisations with more than 20 years of shared history, we will continue to support each other in various areas and share the know-how we have acquired. At 3Soft, we focus on developing dedicated technology solutions in the fields of data management, process automation and artificial intelligence & machine learning. Through their implementation, we have been supporting our clients in running their businesses for years.

Michał Krzesiak, Chief Executive Officer, 3Soft

The division also results in changes to the management boards of both companies. In 3Soft, it consists of Michał Krzesiak, CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of the company, and Tomasz Mirowski, CTO (Chief Technology Officer). In turn, Occubee’s management board is made up of Kamil Folkert, PhD, Eng., CEO of the new company, and Michał Koziara, COO (Chief Operating Officer).

The separation of Occubee into an independent company gives our venture not only a mature legal framework but also its own identity. This milestone will allow us to focus even more strongly on implementing our strategy of delivering value to our clients. Value derived from data-driven decision-making and automation of supply chain processes. I believe that the shareholders’ decision opens up an opportunity for us to showcase Occubee’s culture, our strength. At the same time, it motivates further continuous improvement, so that, both as an organisation and as the people who make it up, we can reach an even higher level.

Kamil Folkert, PhD, Chief Executive Officer, Occubee

Notwithstanding a number of formal and legal changes associated with the division, both companies maintain operational continuity and continue to implement existing projects.  

It is worth recalling that in November 2022, the Warsaw Equity Group fund, a private investment company, and Cezary Smorszczewski, a manager and investor with many years of experience, invested PLN 20 million in the development of 3Soft and the Occubee platform

From the very beginning of our investment, we assumed that ultimately the two businesses would become fully independent of each other. This happened first on an operational and organisational level, and it is now time for the next step, namely the formal spin-off. Given the different characteristics of the service and product businesses, we are convinced that this decision will greatly facilitate both projects. As financial investors, we will continue to actively support both 3Soft and Occubee in their further development.

Jan Nalbert, Investment Manager, Warsaw Equity Group

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