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Automation of supply chain processes

Occubee supports your business processes and provides you with reliable information based on numbers, so you can make informed business decisions. This will increase your work efficiency, simplify repetitive tasks and free up time for creative activities and work that requires expertise.

Real benefits

Why is process automation in supply chain management with Occubee better?

Ability to make precise, informed decisions based on facts rather than intuition

With Occubee, through comprehensive analysis of large data sets, you can build a competitive business strategy based on real data and its qualitative analysis.

Only 20% of the data generated inside companies is used for decision-making. The degree of business complexity usually no longer “fits” into the commonly used Excel. It has grown in terms of the multitude of information systems and the data stored in them.

With the use of artificial intelligence, business is able to control all available information – current, historical, easy to analyze and complex.

Solutions based on artificial intelligence and Machine Learning models reduce the risk of mistakes in process management. With Occubee, you can make decisions based on predictions generated by sophisticated mathematical methods and Data Science.

Unlock the potential of your experts

The goal of implementing artificial intelligence in business should be to use it for tasks that are simple, demanding due to the amount of data, but repetitive and often tedious. It’s the few percent of the total business that are necessary to run it, but which require neither creativity nor specialized knowledge.

Automating selected areas of the supply chain gives your specialists and experts time to monitor processes, focus on problematic as well as the most profitable areas of the business, and make more accurate and informed decisions.

Occubee’s goal is to support expert work. The entire analytical process, looking for dependencies and regularities, is entrusted to algorithms, and the system takes over those duties that are possible to model with algorithms. However, it leaves it up to the experts to intervene and make the final decision.

Your employees gain time for matters that require their special attention, competence and creativity, with more space to make decisions that fundamentally affect the business.

Scalability and ability to customize the level of automation to meet business needs

Occubee supports various businesses of different scales. Importantly, we do not change business processes but improve their quality, and, therefore, also the results of your work.

Automating easy and repetitive tasks will help you scale your business. Unlock the potential where possible and data analysis will be handled by artificial intelligence. At the same time, you will retain control of your company’s dynamic and rapidly changing processes, while automating routine activities and tasks.

The Process Designer offered at Occubee allows you to provide flexibility and map business complexity. It takes into account the key aspects that occur between sales forecasts and picking orders, as well as between demand forecasts and orders to suppliers. Importantly, you can choose whether the processes should operate automatically in full or just in part, allowing supervision by your experts.

New perspective on business

Achieve more with Occubee

Without Occubee

Manual modification

Daily, manual modification of orders and stocking orders to adjust the quantity of goods to the current sales dynamics.

Data silos

Dispersion of data across different information systems making it difficult to analyze it holistically
and extract valuable business information.

Traditional methods

Forecasting based on intuition and time-consuming expert analyses.

With Occubee

Automatic modification

Automatic adjustment of orders and stocking orders according to current sales dynamics.

Holistic data analysis

Collecting and analyzing data from across the enterprise. Cross-departmental approach to data
collection, processing and management.

Advanced methods

Forecasting using advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms.

Sample process management scenarios

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