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Announcement of contribution in kind 

Occubee S.A. informs about a new announcement from the Company: 

Announcement No.: 11372

Monitor No.: 48/2024

Publication date: 2024-03-07


Occubee S.A. with its registered seat in Katowice, KRS No. 0001083172, acting pursuant to Article 3121 § 5 in conjunction with Article 5381 § 3 of the Commercial Companies Code (CCC), informs that on 1.02.2024, a contribution in kind was made to the Company in the form of an organised part of the enterprise of 3Soft S.A. with its registered seat in Katowice, KRS 0000422810, related to the activities in the field of providing services based on the “Occubee” system pursuant to Article 529 § 1 item 4 of the CCC (division by spin-off). A detailed list of spun-off assets is specified in the division plan adopted by the Management Board of 3Soft S.A. on 30.01.2023, filed with the District Court Katowice-East in Katowice and announced on 6.02.2023 in the Monitor Sądowy i Gospodarczy No. 25 (6676) item 5872. The value of the contribution in kind was determined in the opinion of the auditor acting on behalf of the authorised entity GLC Audit sp. z o.o. (entry no. on the list of entities authorised to audit financial statements 3916) issued on 8.01.2024, as at 30.11.2023, at PLN 18,308,380.00, using the adjusted net asset value method. The adopted value of the contribution corresponds to its fair value as at 30.11.2023. The adopted value of the contribution corresponds at least to the number and nominal value of the shares taken up in exchange for this contribution, with the issue price higher than the nominal value of the shares. In the period between the date of the valuation of the contribution and the date of its contribution to the Company, there were no extraordinary or new significant circumstances affecting the valuation of the contribution.

The announcement has been translated. The original content is posted in Polish in the Monitor Sądowy i Gospodarczy and on the Polish version of the website.