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Full process automation or expert decision support?

Magdalena Ubik and Lennard Molenkamp discuss in their video material how to adapt logistic processes to a dynamically changing market, using modern technologies to optimize and personalize business strategies.

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From the video, you will learn:

How to adjust the level of automation to business needs

Companies of various sizes can utilize advanced technologies to adjust the level of automation of their logistical processes, while remaining flexible in key areas, which is essential in sectors that quickly respond to changing trends.

Why expertise and predefined parameters are key in making business decisions

In industries susceptible to seasonality and trends, such as fashion or interior design, accurate forecasts and parameter settings can support effective decision-making while maintaining control over the final stage of the process.

How automated reports contribute to efficiency and savings

Automation of report creation, tailored to the daily needs of the company, can significantly reduce the time spent on routine tasks and reduce operational costs, eliminating weeks of work on spreadsheets by teams.

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