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Demand Management

How do AI and Machine Learning meet the challenges of the beauty industry?

Global cosmetics sales in 2021 reached 426 billion euros. Despite the success of the very rapid growth of the cosmetics industry, the challenges it faces pose many problems at the strategic and operational levels. The list of difficulties is long and includes supply chain management.

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Key challenges of the cosmetics industry

These include accurate and adequate production planning, the impact of influencer marketing on cosmetics sales, and proper management of sales channels, including drugstore sales.

The future of the beauty industry: trends and client-centric approach

The cosmetics industry is a branch of the economy with high growth potential. The prospects are promising: consumer awareness is growing, there is a noticeable turn towards eco products, and prices no longer play a key role, although consumers are still looking forward to promotions and special occasions.

Impact of Artificial Intelligence on more accurate demand forecasts in the beauty industry

Machine Learning models make it possible to extract knowledge about customer behavior, taking into account the specifics of the local market, sales channel and even a particular recipient.

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