How do we work?

The core of working with us is long-term cooperation and partnership. We want to deliver the benefits of advanced data analytics to the business, while leaving full control over the processes throughout the supply chain.

Our work is based on cooperation

Our interdisciplinary team of specialists from Business Consulting, Data Analysis, Data Science, Product and Customer Impact is committed to providing your company with the highest quality numerical results and supporting the improvement of complex supply chain processes.

Together with your team, we analyze processes, identify business obstacles and indicate ways to eliminate them. We also consider methods to relieve domain experts of simple, repetitive and manual tasks by automating processes. All to free up their valuable time and potential.
Cooperation with us

Why improve your supply chain with Occubee?

Harnessing the full power of artificial intelligence

You can increase the value of your business and stay ahead of the competition by taking advantage of the latest technologies and megatrends in the area of advanced data analytics and AI.

Our data scientists create machine learning models tailored to specific companies and industries. This personalized and pragmatic approach allows you to use your data in the most effective way. As a result, you will see results within a short time after implementing the platform. Machine learning ensures that the algorithm is constantly updated, which means that with each new batch of data, the quality of the predictions and results generated improves.

Involvement of business consultants

Benefit from the knowledge and experience of our experts, who will guide you in the process of analyzing and selecting the best solutions for your company.

Every industry, company and process has its own specifics. We know this, which is why we delegate experienced business consultants to work with your team to analyze your processes and requirements step by step, so that they can then be adequately addressed with Occubee.

Ongoing support on your path to success

At every stage of cooperation, we offer you professional support from our team, including data analysis, data science and software implementation specialists.

Your success is our success. We focus on long-term cooperation and want to accompany you in achieving the best business results with Occubee. We conduct regular evaluations of our activities, allowing you to make necessary adaptations or spot new opportunities. Comprehensive care during implementation and daily use of the platform is taken care of by our Customer Impact team.
Explore Occubee’s capabilities

Where to begin?

Take part in a business and technology workshop

During a free workshop led by our Business Consultants, we discuss your company’s supply chain processes, the characteristics of available data, and identify opportunities in business terms. Together we identify areas that can be optimized through the use of artificial intelligence. On the basis of the information obtained, we prepare a business analysis, which includes a summary of the screened processes and the conclusions and recommendations of our experts.
Would you like to know more?

Schedule a meeting

Learn more about Occubee and schedule a business workshop with our experts.
Implementation and usage of Occubee

What can you expect?

Exchange of business knowledge and experience

To realize the full potential of Occubee in your company, a thorough analysis of your business conditions and selected supply chain processes is required. By exchanging knowledge through implementation workshops and consultations among experts, together we will determine the most advantageous plan of action to make Occubee the greatest support for your organization’s domain specialists.

Constant collaboration of design and technical teams

We will provide your team with a detailed implementation plan so that you can allocate the time of all the people necessary to carry it out. Success will be guaranteed by close cooperation between the Onboarding Manager from Occubee and the Project Manager on your side, coordinating the work of experts from all teams.

User training and support

As part of the platform implementation, we train users and answer any questions. After implementation, we enter a several week long Hyper Care period, which guarantees regular statuses with our team. During the Business-as-Usual stage, we will also be available for any questions or concerns.

What kind of support will you receive?

During the implementation:

Support from a dedicated Onboarding Manager who, together with a Project Manager from your team, coordinates the implementation process and ensures that it runs smoothly

Engaging a Business Consultant to x-ray your company’s processes and ensure that Occubee improves strategic metrics

Support from specialists in the Data Science and Data Analysis departments, who will oversee the content of the results delivered

Two-day training on the use of the platform and its various functionalities

After the production launch:

Several week long Hyper Care phase including regular status meetings

Unlimited contact and full support from the Customer Impact team in the daily use of the platform

Follow-up meetings upon request

Business workshops held once a quarter to share experiences, analyze the effects of using the platform and identify new business opportunities

We provide details of the implementation and maintenance care at the bidding stage. Do you want to learn about them? Contact us.

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Talk to our consultant about your business needs.