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How to price a product to ensure turnover of goods and not have to discount them?

Michal Koziara - co-founder of Occubee - talks about how the home décor industry deals with seasonality in sales and gives a recipe for how to estimate demand for seasonal products and price them accordingly.

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From the video, you will learn:

How to estimate demand for seasonal products to avoid overstocks

In the home décor industry, much of the product mix is seasonal in sales. This raises serious challenges, especially since the lead time associated with getting products from the manufacturer or supplier to the retailer’s warehouse is often several months.

How to price a product to avoid having to discount it later at sales or promotions

An inadequate order, in the context of real demand, often means overstock in the warehouse, and this in turn gives rise to the need to overprice products and sell not at the first price, with the risk and consequence of losing margins.

How to accurately order the required quantities of products for seasonality in the home décor industry

Accurately estimating the products needed for the next season is important in terms of avoiding overstocks in the warehouse and building the stock adequately to real demand.

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