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How to reduce the problem of stock transfers?

Magdalena Ubik and Lennard Molenkamp explain how the fashion industry dynamically manages inventory to maintain a sense of novelty and maximise product availability, and what challenges arise in the context of inter-store transfers.

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From the video, you will learn:

How to minimise the need for inter-store transfers

By accurately forecasting sales for each product and store, it is possible to efficiently allocate goods only to those locations that show the highest sales potential, significantly reducing the need for inter-store transfers.

Why is fast availability of transferred products crucial

In the fashion industry, where responsiveness to market needs is critical, a multi-day product transfer process can lead to lost sales opportunities.

How does proactive inventory management affect sales potential

Monitoring current stock across all stores enables making informed decisions regarding product transfers. This strategy maximises sales potential by ensuring that the right products are available at the right place and at the right time.

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