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Occubee is an international team of ambitious and energetic people.

Although we represent different cultures and experiences, we share common values and objectives. Join us and bring the best you have to the organization. Grow with us, build on your talents and feel the satisfaction of achieving your goals. Let’s do something special together!

Organizational culture

Learn about our values

Values are a compass that helps us make big and small decisions, and deal successfully with challenges. When facing dilemmas or doubts, we refer to our values – then we become confident that we do the right thing. Through our actions, each of us makes values truly alive in our organization.
Be Bold
Think BIG
and deliver WOW!
Get things done
Stay focused
and never give up
One team, one goal
In team we trust and
we deliver together
Enjoy the journey
Rush but
don’t crash
Step by step

How do we recruit?

Although we don’t know each other yet, we already share a common goal: you want to find the perfect job, and we want a candidate who is a great fit for the role. That is why we approach recruitment based on partnership and transparency. We respect your time. We appreciate your commitment. We will provide you with feedback after each stage.
Step 1

First contact

Thank you for submitting your application!

Once your application has been reviewed and positively evaluated, a representative from our HR department will contact you by phone or email to tell you more about the first interview and subsequent steps.

Step 2

Meeting with the team

Let’s get to know each other better

The next stage is a meeting or a series of meetings that will allow us to get to know you better, and assess your experience and skills. You will then talk to the hiring manager, team members and/or a management representative.

Step 3

Practice task and/or psychometric test

Let’s see if we are a good match

Depending on the position you are applying for, we may ask you to perform a practical task. To find out if you are a good fit for our organizational culture, we will conduct a Facet5 psychometric test. We will discuss its results during a feedback session.

Step 4

Final decision and presentation of employment offer

Become one of us!

If you successfully pass the above steps, we will prepare an employment offer for you,
which will include details such as salary, benefits and start date.


What do we offer?

Thrive your work experience with us.

Language courses
MyBenefit program
Pizza Meetings and breakfasts
Team building events
Flexible working hours
Private medical insurance
Employee referral program
Competency enhancement training courses
Job offers

Find out who we are looking for

Join us!

Do you have any questions? Write a message on LinkedIn.

Join us!

Do you have any questions? Write a message on LinkedIn.

Ewelina Grazi

Head of People