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Home décor

Key challenges of the home décor industry

Changing trends in interior design, long lead times, minimum delivery requirements dictated by suppliers, high competition in the market, and rising customer expectations - these are just the tip of the iceberg in light of the challenges facing the home décor industry. With help comes artificial intelligence to optimize and automate supply chain processes.

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Key trends in the home décor industry

Among them, we highlighted macrotrends such as sharing economy and ecology, long lead times and extended supply chains, customers’ diverse purchase paths, or the influence of the construction industry.

Factors influencing customers’ purchasing decisions

Do you know what webrooming, showrooming or the ROPO effect is? These challenges are faced by representatives of the home décor industry on a daily basis, and the multiplicity of sales channels and varied customer purchase paths are piling up problems in the area of demand and sales forecasting.

Ways and potential of using artificial intelligence in the home décor business

Advanced analysis based on AI makes it possible to address the challenges of the home furnishings industry in a variety of ways.

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