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Demand Management

Lost sales in the fashion industry

Michal Koziara - co-founder of Occubee - explainswhy lost sales are a significant problem in the fashion industry and outlines how to examine the potential of stores from a product sales perspective.

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From the video, you will learn:

Why classifying stores as high-, medium- or low-turnover is a self-fulfilling prophecy

Very often retailers stock their stores with single pieces of a given product, understood as model, color, size. This means that at least part of the season the products are not available.

How to merchandise stores and build stock for the next season

Only the juxtaposition of sales information and store inventory at the level of a specific product each day gives full information on what the sales potential of a store is in the context of a selected product.

Where the Pareto Principle can be seen in the fashion industry

In the fashion industry, 20% of products are analyzed in detail, while the remaining 80% are analyzed less frequently or at a less detailed level.

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