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Demand Management

Multiple warehouses serving the same market. Challenges in this area

In the video, Magdalena Ubik and Lennard Molenkamp delve into the intricacies of warehouse management and explain how to solve the problems faced by companies with multiple markets and warehouses.

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From the video, you will learn:

How do big players manage supplies to diverse markets

Large companies operating on a wide geographical scale need to deliver goods to different markets in different regions, which requires having multiple warehouses and managing them in a way that allows for the smooth flow of goods and their timely delivery.

Why it is so important to define warehouses individually

Defining each warehouse individually – taking into account the market and sales channel – enables adapting the assortment, defining the list of points of sale served by the warehouse and implementing separate sections, parameters and supply strategies.

How does the warehouse strategy affect the supply process

Precisely defining which products should be sent from which warehouse and delivered to which store allows business processes to be reflected and optimised, increasing efficiency and effectiveness in supply chain management.

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