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Perfect partnership – 3Soft & Microsoft
Perfect partnership – 3Soft & Microsoft
DATA: 11.01.2022 CZAS CZYTANIA: 1 min

We enter the New Year with ambitious business goals and development plans. In their implementation we are invariably supported by Microsoft. Thanks to this cooperation we deliver cutting-edge technological solutions, including those designed and implemented in cloud environments.



Our team’s competence in Azure is confirmed by the Gold Cloud Platform status we received in the autumn. Together with our Silver statuses in Data Analytics and Application Development it makes a strong trio, which our clients find out in practice.

Achieving the highest partnership level means not only new opportunities for us to cooperate with Microsoft in promoting 3Soft’s services and our flagship product Occubee, but also tangible benefits in the form of licenses, tools, global support of Microsoft teams, and much more.

As you well know, we are not in the habit of resting on our laurels, so the coming months with Microsoft look busy and exciting.

More about 3Soft’s Technology Partners: https://www.3soft.pl/en/technology-partners/