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Pharma Planet 360ᵒ event is behind us!
Pharma Planet 360ᵒ event is behind us!
DATA: 04.11.2020 CZAS CZYTANIA: >1 min

Pharma Planet 360ᵒ event - Occubee presentation

We thank Jaroslaw Sokolnicki, Head of Industry Solutions, Microsoft, for hosting the session “Factory of the Future” during the Pharma Planet 360ᵒ forum. During the session, Kamil Stryczek, Business Development Manager, 3Soft, presented the Occubee solution – AI platform for Data-Driven Retail.

The Pharma Planet 360ᵒ forum supports the development of the pharma/medical/healthcare market. During the event, innovative ideas in key areas for the segment and inspirations from the best implementations are presented.

More information about the Occubee platform: www.occubee.com

More information about the Pharma Planet 360ᵒ forum: pharmaplanet.pl