Efficient point-of-sale handling by warehouses and suppliers

Automate allocation and replenishment with Occubee. Ensure proper product availability in online and offline stores. Increase sales by number and value. Reduce warehousing and logistics costs.

Step by step

How do we do it at Occubee?

Step 1

Sales forecast

The system provides short-term sales forecasts for offline and online channels, at the store and item level.

The forecasts are generated based on daily receipt sales. They also take into account internal data (e.g. prices or planned marketing campaigns) and external variables (e.g. weather, holidays or special events).

Step 2

Store demand

Based on sales forecasts, the system determines the store demand for a selected product at a specific point of sale.

The demand also takes into account additional parameters, such as shelf or store section capacity and minimum/optimum/maximum store stock levels for the SKU or product category.

Step 3

Picking orders

Based on store demand, picking orders are automatically generated.

This speeds up the ordering of specific goods to the warehouse and then delivering them to the appropriate stores. Automation ensures a smoother workflow between the commercial unit and the warehouse.

on an average of 97%
on-shelf availability
increase sales
inventory reduction
by 30%
Process flow

How does Occubee work with your systems?

Occubee runs in parallel with other IT systems and does not disrupt current processes. This allows for a smooth implementation and subsequent use of the platform, while maintaining the continuity of the existing IT infrastructure.
Client’s source system

ERP system


Sales and dictionary data download


Processing data, training models and generating sales forecasts


Generating store demand


Generating proposals for picking orders

Sharing of picking orders

Sharing of picking orders

Client’s source system

ERP system

What benefits can you gain?

Reduce out-of-stocks in the store

Accelerate allocation and replenishment processes through automation. Reduce the risk of lost sales. Achieve maximum value from seasonal product sales.

Eliminate overstocks

Avoid over-allocated capital and maintain healthy cash flow. Minimize warehousing costs. Reduce losses of products with short shelf lives.

Increase sales

Exploit the full sales potential of a given POS and product. Optimize merchandising per store and SKU, taking into account the individual potential of each.

Maintain satisfactory margins

Reduce the need to sell out or discount slow-moving products. Reduce transportation costs by properly filling delivery trucks based on sales forecasts.

Boost productivity

Eliminate manual ordering of products to stores. Automate routine tasks. Let your experts focus on tasks that require their special knowledge and attention.

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