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Returns in the online channel are affecting the fashion industry

In a video, Magdalena Ubik and Lennard Molenkamp delve into the dynamics of e-commerce and the challenges faced by retailers, especially in the area of returns and consumer behaviour.

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From the video, you will learn:

How does increasing e-commerce sales affect the number of returns

Increasing e-commerce sales is a success story for retailers, but it also brings challenges in the form of returns. Those are particularly significant in the fashion industry, where the return rate can be as high as 40% due to different sizes, expectations or new consumer behaviour.

Why it is important to describe products accurately to consumers

Retailers try to avoid potential returns by describing products more precisely, which can help consumers make better choices.

How can returns data improve operations and customer experience

Using returns data and analysing it accurately allows retailers to make data-driven decisions that can improve operations and customer experience, even if it is not possible to change consumer behaviour.

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