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Sales and demand forecasting

Occubee automatically turns vast amounts of transactional data, information on thousands of products and dozens of trade- and manufacturing-specific factors into valuable sales and demand forecasts. Holistic analysis of data from the entire supply chain and advanced forecasting methods is the ticket to building a sustainable competitive advantage and increasing your company’s profitability.

Real benefits

What makes forecasting with Occubee special?

Holistic and detailed data analysis

At Occubee, we comprehensively analyze huge data sets.

We take into account data of a wide and diverse range, including sales and stock data, internal variables (e.g. price, marketing campaign) and external variables (e.g. holiday calendar, weather forecast). In doing so, we maintain a detailed level of data aggregation.

Our forecasts can cover the entire available assortment and can be created at the level of points of sale, warehouses or markets served.

Sophisticated forecasting methods

In the forecasting process, we use advanced machine learning models, which are cause-and-effect models.

We select the attributes of the models to reflect the specific character of the industry and respond to the requirements of a particular business.

We use automated AI algorithms thanks to which the selection of information feeding the model is also automated. This ensures speed and accuracy.

Forecast parameters tailored to business needs

We define forecast parameters in a way that best suits the specific character of your company and your expectations. Forecasts can vary by:

horizon – short-term forecasts (e.g. 7 days), medium-term forecasts (e.g. 7 weeks), or long-term forecasts (e.g. 7 months),

frequency – forecasts generated daily, weekly or monthly,

granularity – forecast with daily, weekly or monthly aggregation,

level of detail – e.g. sales forecast per SKU/PoS, demand forecast per product category/market, sales forecast per master category/sales channel.

Expert’s response in unusual situations

Occubee’s forecasting, based on advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms, runs automatically and is monitored by our team.

This process does not require you to have expertise in Data Science, nor to have your own data center.

As an expert, however, you have the ability to modify the results of the forecasts using adjustment factors. This allows you to react quickly to dynamic changes in your business and the market.

Step by step

How does Occubee’s forecasting process work?

Data download

Download of receipt, store and warehouse data and information on past and future prices, planned promotions, etc..


Verification of data consistency and completeness. Aggregation of sales data.

Preparation of data for modeling

Preparation of data including historical sales, internal and external factors, and auxiliary variables.

Model training

Selection of data that improves the quality of test predictions from all available information.


Taking into account data used in the process of training the model, but including the periods covered by the forecast.

Verification of model quality

Determination of quality measures for the generated forecasts and their analysis.

Generation of forecasts

Forecasts are delivered to the client’s system.

A new perspective on business

Achieve more with Occubee

How often do you answer the question of how a particular product sells in a particular store of your chain?

Without Occubee

Traditional methods

Forecasting based on intuition and time-consuming expert analyses.

Fragmented analysis

Analysis of 20% of the assortment.

High-level data aggregation

Forecasting for a product category within a store category (division into low-, medium- and high-volume stores).

With Occubee

Advanced methods

Forecasting using advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms.

Comprehensive analysis

Analysis of 100% of the assortment.

Low-level data aggregation

Forecasting for a specific product at a specific point of sale.

Examples of sales forecasting scenarios

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