Store stock management

By consciously managing your store stock, you can increase sales and free up allocated capital in excess inventory. With Occubee, you will improve product availability on store shelves, which will protect your business from lost sales. Reducing excess inventory will help you avoid losses and the necessity to sell out at lower prices.

Real benefits

Why is store stock management with Occubee better?

Automated generation of sales forecasts

With Occubee you will increase sales and the value of the entire shopping cart while maximizing margins and reducing costs at the same time. On the basis of AI- and ML-generated sales forecasts, you will optimize the process of stocking your stores to achieve the highest possible availability of goods and the highest possible sales.

Based on advanced data analytics, artificial intelligence and customized Machine Learning models for your business, we generate sales forecasts based on daily receipt sales, taking into account additional data such as price, planned marketing campaigns, weather forecast, holidays or special times of year.

We generate sales forecasts depending on your business strategies at the level of SKUs or product categories, separately for individual stores. With the appropriate data aggregation, it is possible to capture the seasonality of sales of individual products and respond to the changing business environment well in advance.

Store demands for selected products at each point-of-sale

Occubee determines store demands for individual products taking into account the specifics of each point-of-sale. The demands also take into account ancillary data, such as shelf or store section capacity.

We determine store demands based on sales forecasts combined with daily updated store inventory. Using sales forecasts will allow you to respond to current business situations, consumer trends and changing sales, and enable you to replenish your store at the right time.

Store demands are generated on a daily basis to ensure the best possible availability of products while taking into account sales dynamics. In addition, the specifics of your business and the needs of your customers are taken into account, so we determine the minimum, optimum and maximum values for each store at the level of a single SKU or product category.

Smooth operation between the point of sale and the warehouse

With Occubee’s help, you will also receive picking orders based on forecasts and inventory demands, allowing you to deliver the right products from the warehouse to appropriate points of sale. Through this process, you will maintain optimal inventory levels in stores and maximize profits, as well as build smooth cooperation with suppliers.

Based on the sales forecasts and product demands of each store, Occubee automatically generates picking orders. The minimum, optimum and maximum values for each store are also determined to ensure the best product availability and avoid empty shelves.

Taking into account the strategy and needs of your business, we will establish quality and quantity parameters to maintain the diversity of the assortment, and the optimal distribution of products will be ensured thanks to efficient allocation of goods in stores.

You will ensure that you maximize sales throughout the product lifecycle and bring out the sales potential of stores through conscious product allocation based on numbers rather than intuition.

New perspective on business

Achieve more with Occubee

How often do you answer the question of how a particular product sells in a particular store of your chain?

Without Occubee

Forecasts based on intuition

Making business decisions based on historical performance reports only.

Manual analysis

Having to prepare time-consuming analyses based on data taken from various sources.

Fragmented analysis

Analysis of the 20% of the assortment that generates the highest sales.

With Occubee

Forecasts based on advanced algorithms

Dedicated demand and sales forecasts.

Automatic analysis

Real-time analysis of large data sets.

Comprehensive analysis

Analysis of 100% of the assortment.

Sample sales forecasting scenarios

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