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Use the latest technologies

Using the latest Data Management technologies enables conclusions from massive datasets faster and easier.

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Automatic analysis of big datasets using Artificial Intelligence allows making the right business decisions based on knowledge, not intuition. Occubee platform enables automated data collection and processing to meet the requirements of various Business Scenarios. Occubee is more than a locked IT system (Black-Box)!

Data Science

Data Mining, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning are the cornerstones of Data Science. The Occubee platform offers a wide range of Data Science solutions by combining different statistical methods in modeling. This holistic approach handles business demands well by delivering high-quality forecasts.

Artificial Intelligence algorithms generate accurate forecasts for thousands of products at the same time, considering internal and external factors specific to the retail industry such as; shelf capacity, weather, seasonality of products, sales on trading Sundays, cannibalization of products, or stocking-up of newly opened stores without sales history.

Data Lake

The Occubee platform is based on the Data Lake architecture, enabling secure and efficient processing of structured and unstructured data from various sources, such as: POS, warehouses, e-commerce, or supply chain data.

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