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The evolution of FMCG: key trends in 2023 and forecasts for 2024

The growing importance of modern technologies can easily be seen in the rapidly changing FMCG industry. It faces many challenges today, the most significant of which seem to be rising production and logistics costs, inflation resulting in a decline in demand, growing environmental awareness of customers or demanding product storage conditions.

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Key challenges for the FMCG market in 2023

Food and cosmetics companies are using modern technologies more and more often. They make it possible to reduce expenses, optimise processes and build a positive image among customers.

The impact of artificial intelligence on the FMCG industry

AI has begun to seriously change the face of many industries. The progressive evolution can also be noticed in the FMCG sector. The largest brands on the market willingly share their experience in that area and point out the numerous benefits of using AI.

Forecasts for 2024

Moving towards 2024, new innovations are expected Technologies such as blockchain and augmented reality can be used to closely monitor the supply chain and create interactive shopping experiences.

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