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The problem of a single item in the fashion industry

Michal Koziara - co-founder of Occubee - defines why stocking stores with a single item of a given product carries serious business consequences.

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From the video, you will learn:

What are the values of lost sales in the fashion industry

Retailers in the fashion industry very often stock their stores with a single item of a given product, understood as a model, color, size. This means very serious business consequences.

Why it is worth stocking the store with more than one item of a given product

When we think about the collection from the perspective of a year, for 20-30% of the total time that the product should be on display, this is not the case. For 20-30% of the time, products are unavailable because they haven’t arrived from the warehouse.

How to find individual sales potential for a product

Retailers do not have information on what the sales potential is in a store for a particular product. Without this information, therefore, it is difficult to act other than to stock the store with a single item understood as model, color, size.

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