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Warehouse stock management

Occubee helps to minimize the level of out-of-stocks and over-stocks in the warehouse. This means increased sales on the one hand, and optimised cash flow and reduced frozen capital without the risk of lost sales on the other. Benefit from the opportunity to consciously manage your warehouse stock, free up frozen capital and increase your investment funds.

Real benefits

Why is
warehouse stock management with Occubee better?

Ensuring optimum stock levels in the warehouse

At Occubee, we take care of the comprehensive analysis of large data sets that we use in the forecasting process. We collate demand forecasts with information on current warehouse inventory to generate orders to suppliers well in advance.

We ensure the availability of goods to meet demand and avoid lost sales due to lack of demand. We are mindful of product turnover levels to avoid unnecessary overstocking and capital freezes.

We enable you to maintain optimal warehouse inventory according to defined strategies and defined parameters, e.g. minimum, optimum or maximum ones, responding to the needs of your business.

We tailor the process of generating orders to suppliers to your business model, support any number of warehouses, including cross-dock warehouses. You gain the ability to observe and react quickly to changing trends and consumer behavior based on real data.

Holistic view of inventory management in three dimensions: What? Where? When?

With Occubee, you can accurately respond to your customers’ needs and build a competitive advantage through demand-appropriate stocking of warehouses, taking into account the requirements of each sales channel and market.

We tailor the horizon and frequency of the generated demand forecast to your business model: weekly, monthly, or annually.

We generate demand forecasts both in the short and long term, which will allow you to make adequate business decisions.

We offer a variety of warehouse stocking strategies. Depending on your needs, we generate demand forecasts by product, product category, and separately for each sales channel and market.

Adequate management of warehouse inventories

Occubee runs on a flexible Process Designer that will allow you to model even the most complex business cases using Machine Learning components.

With the intuitive and easy-to-use Process Designer, you will successfully reflect your business model and stocking strategies for individual warehouses.

You decide at what level of stock you want to operate based on a precise demand forecast: you can adjust the warehouse stock to different strategies, either by increasing the frequency of deliveries or by maintaining a safe buffer in the warehouse.

Support for the purchasing process

Occubee allows you to place automated orders to your suppliers or to leave the final purchasing decisions to your experts, at the same time suggesting the right products and quantities. With our help, you will secure your stock by placing an order well in advance and for the required quantity of goods.

In the process of warehouse stock management, we take into account the minimum logistic requirements, lead times of your suppliers, goods on the way and delivery conditions, to enable you to diversify your supplier portfolio with a variety of selection strategies.

Occubee enables full automation while allowing your experts to maintain control. Generating orders to suppliers can be done automatically or semi-automatically with the control your business requires and with the involvement of your employees.

A new perspective on business

Achieve more with Occubee

Without Occubee

Reactive actions

Inability to respond just-in-time to changes in demand and supply or unforeseen business situations.

Manual generation of orders

Manual generation of orders to suppliers and stock replenishment orders.

High-level data aggregation

Forecasting for product categories in specific store categories (division into low-, medium- and high-volume stores).

With Occubee

Real-time actions

Just-in-time response for specific products in specific stores.

Automatic generation of orders

Automatic generation of orders to suppliers and store replenishment orders.

Low-level data aggregation

Forecasting for specific products at specific points of sale.

Sample forecasting scenarios

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