Who are we?

Occubee was born out of a passion for cutting-edge technologies, recognition of the specific needs of the retail market, and a deep desire to turn a new growth opportunity into something special.

From a software house to a SaaS company

Our team originates from 3Soft S.A. – a software house with more than 20 years of history, offering highly specialized IT services and custom IT systems. This is where we built our know-how and core competencies in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Data Management and Business Automation.
In late 2019 and early 2020, we decided to use this rich experience in a different way than before. We created Occubee, a SaaS platform that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence, targeting retailers, manufacturers and distributors.

We have designed the system with the conviction that advanced data analysis will enable our clients to improve their business processes and consequently increase the profitability of their companies. We want to actively support companies in becoming – and remaining – leaders in the industries they represent.
SaaS for retail and manufacturing

What was the impetus for creating Occubee?

Expert knowledge and extensive know-how

  • over a dozen years of experience in developing advanced information systems
  • cooperation with reputable entities in strategic, operationally complex projects
  • a team of top-notch specialists in the areas of Data Management, DevOps & Data Engineering, Data Science and Software Development

Real need in the retail and manufacturing market

  • necessity to respond effectively to challenges arising from growing consumer expectations, the development of omnichannel and economic turmoil
  • strong trend of supply chain digitization and process automation, which often determines success or failure in a competitive marketplace
  • the need to implement off-the-shelf, cost-effective and operationally efficient IT solutions that guarantee measurable results

Data-drive business megatrend

  • harnessing the full potential of data and turning it into real business benefits
  • holistic, sophisticated data analysis based on the latest Big Data and Data Science technologies
  • support for making business decisions based on facts and data rather than intuition
Vision and mission

Where are we going and what do we want to achieve?

We lower the barrier to entry for AI in mid-sized companies

We aim to deliver the benefits of advanced data analytics to the business without it having to explore the ins and outs of artificial intelligence independently, while leaving full control over the flow of processes throughout the supply chain. In this way, we facilitate the implementation of the latest technologies and the transformation towards a data-driven business for companies representing the mid-market.

We support sustainability efforts of companies

We want our customers, through the use of artificial intelligence, to be participants and beneficiaries of the green revolution, not just silent witnesses to it. After all, process optimization based on advanced data analysis leads to reduction of waste and carbon footprint, and decreased consumption of natural resources and energy.

We get you closer to your end customers and their needs

In a fiercely competitive market, customer centricity is of paramount importance. Occubee supports this attitude – as part of the sales and demand forecasting process, the system turns to consumers, analyzes their buying behavior and determines product demand based on this. This allows companies using the platform to ensure the best possible experience for their clients.

Our leaders

At Occubee, we do non-trivial things that carry real business value.

This is made possible by an experienced, interdisciplinary team that operates on an international scale.

Kamil Folkert
Chief Executive Officer
Michał Koziara
Chief Operating Officer
Kamil Folkert
Chief Executive Officer
Michał Koziara
Chief Operating Officer
Łukasz Grzywa
VP of Product
Jarek Tkocz
VP of Data Science
Agnieszka Błaszek
Head of Business & Data Analysis
Adam Staszczyk
Head of Data Science
Grzegorz Kukurowski
Head of Engineering & OPS
Lennard Molenkamp
Head of Customer Impact
Julita Ziółek
Sales Team Leader
Ewelina Grazi
Head of People

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Our investors

As of 2023, we are developing Occubee with the support of Warsaw Equity Group and Cezary Smorszczewski.

Thanks to strategic partnerships and funds raised, we are intensifying the commercialization of Occubee in the CEE region and Latin American countries.

The basic element of any investment is people. In 3Soft and Occubee, we have met a team of very experienced entrepreneurs who want to keep growing and are open to solutions that escape standard definitions. We are counting on the funds from the current round to support commercialization. We are keen for Occubee to intensively develop sales in emerging markets like LATAM and CEE, where adoption of such solutions is still relatively low.
Przemysław Danowski
Warsaw Equity Group

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