Why Occubee?

Occubee is an off-the-shelf SaaS solution that will allow you to use the power of artificial intelligence in the way top market players do.

With advanced data analysis and forecasting based on Machine Learning, you will receive valuable support in making business decisions. Without investing in a dedicated IT system or your own data center, or hire a team of experienced data scientists.

With Occubee, you will become a beneficiary of the technological revolution that is changing the modern supply chain.
Occubee in your business

What can you expect?

Easily integrate Occubee with your systems

Integration with Occubee is based on the exchange (copying) of source data, so you don’t have to worry about the platform interfering with your trading and operating systems.

Business continuity is maintained, and we guarantee the security of data transfer and storage.

Enjoy the benefits of cloud computing

We pull data from multiple sources, which eliminates the problem of silos while giving you a holistic, cross-departmental analysis.

We store and process the data in the cloud – this guarantees high performance of the calculations done by the Machine Learning models and ensures scalability of computing power as your data grows.

Easily configure even the most complex processes

Occubee operates on the “”Configure, don’t code”” principle. The flexible Process Designer will help you define even the most complex business cases using various business rules and Machine Learning components.

You can run the processes within the required time regime and verify the correctness of their progress in real time.

Use the platform comfortably and efficiently

Occubee’s interface has been designed with UX best practices in mind to ensure a positive experience with the platform.

Attractive data and process visualization will allow you to easily identify the numerical results and information you need.

If you have any questions about how to use the system, you will receive support from our Customer Success team.

Keep balance between automation and expert intervention

Occubee is an open-box solution. Unlike closed IT systems, it provides you with open access to data and processes that you can configure, modify and add to yourself.

The platform allows for full automation, but it is up to you to decide which processes to automate and which areas to leave for mandatory review by your experts.

As your business grows, scale the platform as needed

Occubee is a scalable solution that you can efficiently adapt to new conditions accompanying the growth of your business.

The increasing amount of data and data sources, new business processes, and more areas of the supply chain that are worth powering with the potential of artificial intelligence – with Occubee you can take advantage of new business opportunities and operate flexibly while maintaining optimal infrastructure costs.

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