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Width and depth of a collection in the fashion industry

Michal Koziara - co-founder of Occubee - explains how the width and depth of the collection determines the filling of the exposition sppace, and why it is worth answering the question of where the trade-off between the width and depth of the collection is.

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From the video, you will learn:

Why it is not worth stocking a store with single items of particular products

The intention of retailers is to offer customers many different models, in a very wide range of sizes, in rich color schemes. This, however, means many products, and thus offering one piece of a product, understood as model-color-size.

Where is the compromise between the optimal breadth and depth of the collection

Such a compromise should be found for a given product, but also for a given store, so as to reflect the individual character of the local market. This is a huge challenge for retailers who offer their products in multiple locations, markets and diverse sales channels.

Why fashion industry representatives responsible for demand planning and collection allocation should work like airplane pilots

Those decision-makers about the width and depth of collections-often a year in advance-should be supported by information systems to draw conclusions from the data.

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