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Business Development Manager

About us

Occubee is a cutting-edge SaaS platform, which enhances retailers and manufacturers impact on their financial and operational performance by optimizing their supply chain processes. Occubee provides demand forecasting and replenishment by using artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

As a Business Development Manager (BDM), your mission is to play a pivotal role in the acquisition and education of clients, ensuring a seamless transition to the Customer Impact team. The primary objective of this position is to acquire new clients, provide comprehensive education on the scope and timeline of implementation, and guide them towards the successful signing of contracts while taking full responsibility for contractual provisions. The BDM will be a key driver in fostering strong client relationships and facilitating a smooth handoff to the Customer Impact team for sustained client success.

Key responsibilities:

  • Market research, outbound outreach and inbound follow up with leads;
  • Scheduling and running discovery calls, demos, other meetings required in the sales process;
  • Deep education of the client – leading the client through the sales process in such a way that no discrepancies on the functional, scope- or time-related issues arise from any party;
  • Strong cooperation with Business Consulting department to provide, present and explain a Vision of Solution;
  • Prepare and present Commercial Offers with alignment to Sales targets and thresholds;
  • Prepare the contract together with Legal department, following internal processes (other teams included if needed);
  • Smooth transition of the client to Customer Impact team;
  • Conduct sales development best practices with email, phone, and social drips using enablement technology to connect with new prospects – contacting potential, previously pre-qualified leads using different channels and messaging strategies including e-mails, LinkedIn messages, voice messages, videos;
  • Playing a support to other team members and Marketing Department;
  • Taking part in onboarding of new team members;
  • Following the process for communication pattern and healthy pipelinemanagement;
  • Engaging in strategy establishment with team members to innovate & improve the overall sales development process;
  • Working internally with other departments to ensure proper quality and quantity of demonstrations;
  • Strong alignment and acting to Occubee values.

What do we expect from you?

  • Good command of English (C1).
  • At least 3 years of experience in B2B sales, including:
    • acquisition of new clients,
    • running technical meetings (demo, discussion on technical details of the,
    • service/product, on-site meetings in case of industrial clients),
    • offer preparations,
    • contract negotiations.
  • Proven experience in handling B2B contract of >300k PLN.
  • Strong communication skills and ability to build long-term relationships with a client (proven by experience).
  • Experience in sales processes engaging C-level on the customer’s side.
  • Customer-centric approach.
  • Strong objection handling skills.
  • Strong focus on the client’s needs and objectives.
  • Strong negotiation skills.
  • Ability and inquisitiveness to gain deep product knowledge with proven track of transitions between different business and industry areas.
  • Strongly cooperate with other teams in terms of product delivery timeline and functionalities.
  • Goal oriented and attached to the company’s values.
  • Can handle feedback and willing to work a way for improvements.
  • Communicate their needs and objectives openly, can handle work-life balance.

What do we offer?

Language courses
MyBenefit program
Pizza Meetings and breakfasts
Team building events
Flexible working hours
Private medical insurance
Employee referral program
Competency enhancement training courses
Feel free to apply